It’s arrived!

Words cannot adequately describe how thrilled I am that the very first five copies of my book recently arrived! Nor quite how much I geeked out and was starstruck by myself when I got to physically hold a copy in my own fair hand! (I also shamelessly started re-reading it in the pub the other day!)

Buy now at:



Available now! Constructing Horror in Dracula: Novel, Stage & Screen

Greetings all!

I’m thrilled to announce that my book has now been published and is available here:

Please feel free to buy!

Publication of Constructing Horror in Dracula: Novel, Stage & Screen

I’ve recently accepted an exciting offer to have my MA dissertation, Constructing Horror in Dracula: Novel, Stage & Screen, published as a printed book!  I’m currently looking at buying a limited number of copies using my author discount, which I will be re-selling at reduced prices, and once this process is concluded I’ll post a link to where you can buy a copy.  The ISBN is: 978-3-659-85442-2.  Anyone who would like to buy a copy, please register your interest here!  Thanks all!

Horror Europa

I became fascinated by European horror cinema while researching the trailblazing silent, Nosferatu, for my MA dissertation.  Having watched this stunning and comprehensive programme, I have now filled my download list with darkly provocative movies!  I highly recommend it to all.

My MA English essay on Milton’s Paradise Lost

Here is a further example of the quality of my workBlake claimed that Milton, in interpreting the biblical story of the fall in Genesis, ‘was of the Devils party without knowing it’. What light does this remark shed on one or more of the following: Paradise Lost, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, Blake’s Milton?

I found this an extremely engaging and fascinating debate – happy reading!

Always keen to receive feedback.