Constructing Horror in Dracula: Novel, Stage & Screen – reviewed!

I’m pleased to share the first review of my book:

The work originated as my MA dissertation, and certain restrictions were imposed; I’d certainly love to develop it further!


It’s arrived!

Words cannot adequately describe how thrilled I am that the very first five copies of my book recently arrived! Nor quite how much I geeked out and was starstruck by myself when I got to physically hold a copy in my own fair hand! (I also shamelessly started re-reading it in the pub the other day!)

Buy now at:


Available now! Constructing Horror in Dracula: Novel, Stage & Screen

Greetings all!

I’m thrilled to announce that my book has now been published and is available here:

Please feel free to buy!

Publication of Constructing Horror in Dracula: Novel, Stage & Screen

I’ve recently accepted an exciting offer to have my MA dissertation, Constructing Horror in Dracula: Novel, Stage & Screen, published as a printed book!  I’m currently looking at buying a limited number of copies using my author discount, which I will be re-selling at reduced prices, and once this process is concluded I’ll post a link to where you can buy a copy.  The ISBN is: 978-3-659-85442-2.  Anyone who would like to buy a copy, please register your interest here!  Thanks all!

Horror Europa

I became fascinated by European horror cinema while researching the trailblazing silent, Nosferatu, for my MA dissertation.  Having watched this stunning and comprehensive programme, I have now filled my download list with darkly provocative movies!  I highly recommend it to all.