Poetic Justice

A type of vampire bat has started feeding on humans in Brazil for the first known time – Business Insider UK


It’s arrived!

Words cannot adequately describe how thrilled I am that the very first five copies of my book recently arrived! Nor quite how much I geeked out and was starstruck by myself when I got to physically hold a copy in my own fair hand! (I also shamelessly started re-reading it in the pub the other day!)

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Special Halloween Post: The Forgotten Victorian Novelist Who Outsold Dickens

An intriguing post on an author I am very keen to look into further:

https://boxoffice.bl.uk/category_details.php?pgto=catttps://boxoffice.bl.uk/category_details.php?pgto=catShttps://boxoffice.bl.uk/category_details.php?pgto=catpecial Halloween Post: The Forgotten Victorian Novelist Who Outsold Dickens.

Horror Europa

I became fascinated by European horror cinema while researching the trailblazing silent, Nosferatu, for my MA dissertation.  Having watched this stunning and comprehensive programme, I have now filled my download list with darkly provocative movies!  I highly recommend it to all.