Constructing Horror in Dracula: Novel, Stage & Screen – reviewed!

I’m pleased to share the first review of my book:

The work originated as my MA dissertation, and certain restrictions were imposed; I’d certainly love to develop it further!


Better Late than Never…

I was most excited to read this when I first heard about this release, via the following link:

A source text for the 1953 film Drakula Istanbul’da, acknowledged as such it seems in something of a token sense, but little studied beyond the bounds of its native Turkey, Ali Rıza Seyfi’s 1928 novel, Kazıklı Voyvoda (the Impaling Voivode) now appears in English translation.

Van Helsing in Stoker’s Dracula concludes that the Count ‘must, indeed, have been that Voivode Dracula who won his name against the Turk’.  In spite of this statement and other references indicating links to the historical Vlad the Impaler in Dracula, critical debate has long raged over exactly what Stoker knew and intended.

Ali Rıza Seyfi’s novel, capitalising on nationalist sentiment in the wake of the Turkish War of Independence and written in a newly formed republic, comes to eliminate all doubt and explicitly reveal its Count as Vlad.

Seyfi’s work casts the Impaler as an oathbreaker and coward, delighting in the slaughter of innocents, and one who cheats death by means of his descent into vampirism, bringing centuries of unfinished business to Istanbul; the novel relocates some of the principal action from Stoker’s London to the the land of the real Dracula’s old enemy.

This read did not disappoint; I won’t say or spoil too much, but the intertextual dynamics (notably in terms of its Islamicised negotiation of the question of faith) are fascinating and I do heartily recommend!


It’s arrived!

Words cannot adequately describe how thrilled I am that the very first five copies of my book recently arrived! Nor quite how much I geeked out and was starstruck by myself when I got to physically hold a copy in my own fair hand! (I also shamelessly started re-reading it in the pub the other day!)

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Available now! Constructing Horror in Dracula: Novel, Stage & Screen

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I’m thrilled to announce that my book has now been published and is available here:

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Publication of Constructing Horror in Dracula: Novel, Stage & Screen

I’ve recently accepted an exciting offer to have my MA dissertation, Constructing Horror in Dracula: Novel, Stage & Screen, published as a printed book!  I’m currently looking at buying a limited number of copies using my author discount, which I will be re-selling at reduced prices, and once this process is concluded I’ll post a link to where you can buy a copy.  The ISBN is: 978-3-659-85442-2.  Anyone who would like to buy a copy, please register your interest here!  Thanks all!