Dracula Untold

Well, I finally decided to go to see this movie on the last day it was on in Woking, having broken my ankle and spectacularly failed to organise it any sooner.  Despite wearing my Nosferatu t-shirt, I was not expecting a classic, and so it proved.  There were however some pleasing aspects, including Tywin Lannister of Game of Thrones fame himself, Charles Dance, as the cave-bound vampire-demon.  This was another deliciously evil and unnerving performance by Mr Dance, augmented by the emergence of the creature’s filthy tongue.  His character also heavily hints at a sequel, which might make for a decent movie.  There were also some very strong and effective visual moments in the film.  These included a spider engaging its prey, made suddenly and completely vivid to the newly-vampirised Vlad, a massive fist of bats crushing an army of Turks on Dracula’s command, and a final showdown between he and the Sultan Mehmed II, played out on a hoard of vampire-scalding silver coins.  Overall, I enjoyed it and was glad I saw it; it is worth a casual look.


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