Dan Simmons’s Children of the Night

Currently reading this after discovering it during my MA dissertation research.  Really enjoying it.  The book masterfully keeps its reader unaware that it is in fact Dracula himself who narrates the opening chapters, paving the way effectively for the story’s descent into deeper darknesses.  Perhaps most impressive thus far is that the text delivers brilliant and plausible scientific explanations for how vampires have lived for centuries, how they regenerate and why they need to feed!


One thought on “Dan Simmons’s Children of the Night

  1. Just finished the book. The action-packed finale and escape from Poenari Citadel would be a textbook fit for a Hollywood feature film. This was a cracking read, painstakingly researched to provide an admirable level of detail, to say the least. A renewed Dracula even arguably emerges as the story’s true hero at its conclusion.

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